Friday, July 20, 2012

New Word

Whimper, continued

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday - another reason not to move body parts.

I was reminded when I awakened in the night.  That third boob, under my reconstructed breast, that was removed, sucked out, by my dear doc, finally, after months of complaints from me. . . that sounds funny - he didn't personally suck it out, he vacuumed it out!  

That was several months ago now, as in October last year.  But it still troubles me.  When I sleep too long on my left side, I awake to what feels like a big empty area under my new breast.  It is the oddest feeling.  Now I don't really believe that whatever was there rolls out and leaves a vacant area, but...

So I roll over to my right side for the next sleep, and it fills back in.  That surgery was nine months ago.  It's just weird.  Almost spooky.

I researched everything that was done to me before I went into it.  My readers know I did.  But somehow I wasn't able to find all the unpleasant facts about all this stuff I went through...just the positive things. 

If I knew then what I know now . . .

I wouldn't have done any of it!!!!!

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