Friday, September 28, 2007

Just too pretty!

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007
Monson, MA to Austerlitz, NY

144.1 miles
Warm, very hazy

Took my favored dotted roads today, taking about 145 miles to go about 35 straight line. This time of year, it’s just too pretty to take the highway!

Enjoyed the pride of this company - this living sign is probably about 25 yards wide - enough to make me look for their ice cream next time I go to the store!

I could have sworn I was traveling in the Northeast, but did a double take when I saw this sign!

Traveled another piece of the Mohawk Trail today (see my link to the story of this road back on September

Passed by Sherburne Falls, home of the “world famous Bridge of Flowers”.
( )

Saw another dozen or so cemeteries, and lots more steeples and flowers, so it was a grand day to be on the road!

There was a small dam on the Deer River, and several billboards advertising white water rafting – didn’t seem to be enough water in the river for serious rafting, but it’s still a beautiful area. The ground was littered with apples fallen from trees way too tall to pick! And rounding curves into showers of falling leaves, sparkling in the sunlight was straight from love stories!

I love the old churches, homes and businesses built of local rock.

This area of the Berkshire Hills has farm lands, big estates, small towns and ski resorts, and lots of color…way more after crossing the “eastern summit” on the Mohawk Trail.

This led to the Taconic Trail, another of the many scenic auto trails in the Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York area. Lovely any time of year, I’m sure, but especially now. Glad I made this little detour!

I was planning another drive like this on Thursday, the 27th, but the weather was iffy, at best, so I just drove a quick straight line to my next park near Averill Park and West Sand Lake, where I'm delighted to be meeting up with a girlfriend I haven't seen since the summer I graduated from high school - way too many years ago to count here!!!

Woodland Hills Campground
386 Fog Hill Road
Austerlit, NY 12017

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