Monday, January 1, 2007


Happy New Year 2007 and may it please be a great year for one and all!

I'm watching the Rose Parade as we speak, and there was just a float of fire breathing dragons that was magnificent! They were chasing after a float of spectacular tortoises, and my guy friends would have loved the long legs on the pep squad from the marching band from Louisiana (?) who just spelled out 2007. I'm obviously a serious fan of this parade. One TV event I never miss! And by the way, the Travel Channel has the best coverage! Wow - a band decked out in Star Wars gear led by drum major Darth Vader, with the band in storm trooper uniforms. Can you imagine trying to play instruments dressed in that headgear?

Another neat fact for flower junkies - they used little vials of half-half water and 7-up to keep the roses fresh! Not diet 7-up mind you - gotta be the real stuff. Add that to your cache of trivia that's actually useful!

I've made up my mind to be positive in this new year - my last year left so f*ing much to be desired. I lost my two dearest pals, Bailey and Talkalot, and several old friends - I've have had to fight almost every day about something, and I HATE to fight - and I'm so tired of hurting so much every single day. But I had a grand trip to and from Alaska, and had a chance to renew and strengthen friendships with several of the old 'platinum set' from Honolulu, and have a new old doggie to share my adventures, SO . . . it's time to say to hell with the bad, and let's just see good!

In two weeks, my coach is being transported to Fontana, CA for reconstructive surgery, and after speaking with the transit driver and the service manager at J & L RV Repair, it seems this might just be the place to do it right! Finally!!

What a cute huge frog leaping up to stick his tongue into a great big faucet of running water, followed by the cowgirls of America, decked out in cowgirl blinge, as the announcer said. OMG, these floats just keep getting bigger and brighter and more complicated and incredibly beautiful!

Just for the record, I did finally get into the Christmas spirit - decorated the coach, outside

and inside too.

So, 2007, I have a sweet loving little doggie to keep me company,

my old pals will live in my heart and a picture is hanging on the wall so they can enjoy my future travels with me.

They get to be my navigators when no one else is travelling with me!

I'm trusting that my coach will be fixed up right, once and for all, later this month. Really. I'm trying really hard to trust that will happen.

And since it appears that Blogger has finally figured out how to let me upload pictures, and I'll have at least a couple weeks to kill in California soon, I'm going to try to add some of my adventures from my Alaska trip, with views of the awesome scenery!

So - onward and upwards, with a smile - oh yes, there is the ever wonderful Marine marching band - nothing like them! And Hawaii has their entry too - Punahou marching band and dancers.

Happy New Year my friends - may our paths cross somewhere sometime soon!

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