Monday, April 26, 2010

First Chemo - Day 14

Monday, Day 14
Oh, oh.

Oh dear!


OK - "they" said 14-15 days before the chemo would take my h
air. 14 days, on the dot. Handfuls of hair here and there and everywhere. Rather than make a further mess of the house, waiting for the two or three days, or whatever, for it all to fall out, I opened the champagne and called the Silver Fox and asked him to shave the rest of it off and get it over with.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, he took to the task with relish. Three bottles of bubbles later, after much laughter and sillyness, I'm hairless, and my Silver Fox, Mac the Marauder, has found a new calling - he's headed to Rodeo Drive to take up trimming locks. No
t. But we did have fun!

Mac has decided to re-route thru Nashville on his way to Vermont next week, in hopes of catching up with Kenny Chesney - has a new title for one of his most popular country songs - "One boob, no hair, no problem!!"

Funny - I find it harder to look at my naked head than I did/do to my boobless body. What does that say about vanity??

Now I'm looking forward to the arrival of Suzie from Honolulu, when we'll head to Scottsdal
e with gift card in hand from the Platinum Set for a wig to properly adorn the bare head of no-longer-blondie Gayle!

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