Sunday, February 22, 2009


a 'twitter' kind of comment here - I'm reminded again how much ringing I have in my ears, after a very late night stroll in the silent desert evening.
I first became conscious of the ringing when I came here from Hawaii twenty years ago - the constant NOISE of big city living, plus other accumulating damage - I walked out into the night and was struck by how quiet it was. . . except for the constant hum in the air. only there was no hum in the air - it was inside my head. too many years around aircraft, large and small, and the constant barrage of noise - traffic, sirens, concerts, stadiums of screaming throngs, blaring radios... the peace of a quiet night is shattered by the buzzing in my ears. aaaaah, the joys of age.
but I shouldn't really complain - all my military friends, especially pilots and those in artillery, suffer severe hearing loss (whether they admit it or not - super loud TV is a clue!!).
It's one of those "if I knew then what I know now" things. Like sunburn and sunscreen - I've now had 28 skin cancers cut off because I spent all my early (and mid-life) years in the sun - swimming, beaching, driving convertibles - a time when a golden tan was a sign of prestige! Before we knew about the harmful effects from that big yellow globe in the sky - before sun screen! I probably wouldn't have used it even then, but I'm sure paying for it now!
and loud noises and our ears? look around - the military and law enforcement and many big construction/mining sites require ear protection, because we now know the effect of constant and explosive noises on our fragile inner ears. Even movies make the show of ear protection on firing ranges!
so much for the twitter type comment - twenty words or less? oops!

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