Saturday, January 2, 2010


Happy New Year! Happy New Decade!!

After all the bad stuff in the last couple years, let's hope for some good news for a 'change'!

Actually, after all the positive notes in my last posting, my news hasn't been that good, so I decided to hold back on it during the Christmas holidays. I chose to live in a little dream world until the bright light of day in this new year. And I've actually had some help living in that little dream world, because the so sweet talking stranger with glowing white hair who made it his goal to make me laugh every day, has continued to do just that, among other things, which has helped a whole bunch!!

But shortly after my good news last month, I received the most unwanted Christmas present in that after a routine mammogram, and more mammograms, and an ultrasound and three biopsies, I was diagnosed with breast cancer which has metastasized to my lymph system.

Next week brings several more doctor visits which will presumably lead to some decisions on what to do.

Since this little blog has been about my RV travels, I've decided to use it as a means of reducing stress as I travel the road of cancer. It may not be a road you choose to travel with me and I certainly won't blame you if you look for more pleasant travels!

With that, I wish you a safe and happy road and great adventures in 2010! May the sun shine on you every day!

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