Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Always something new...

Visited my primary care doc yesterday to have her look at a couple potential skin cancers, which we did in fact send out for biopsy. Plus I asked her to take a look at something new I'd discovered - a 'feminine issue'.

A few days back, I spotted something that freaked me out a bit - called a good friend, retired RN, and described it. She told me she suspected a cystocele, and suggested I see my gynocologist. That's now confirmed. I'm not going to explain it further here - if you're interested, check the link. It's a little gross sounding for my nice little PG rated blog - sort of PG rated...

Just another delightful malady for women - women who have had multiple natural births (NOT me!), have been very active and physical during their lives (Me!), usually post menopausal when there is a loss of estrogen (definitely me, especially since I was forced to give up my hormone replacement therapy, which I'm missing more and more every day!!).

Not pleasant, but not life threatening at least. And there's nothing that can be done about it that's helpful. Suggested solution? Just live your life, enjoy everything, and don't look 'down there'! Fuck! (actually that's OK too!)

How come men only have to deal with prostate problems? and ED? No wonder women are the stronger sex!

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