Friday, March 30, 2007

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

It is so easy to just sit and watch the days go by - even when the wind is howling, it's just so beautiful.

This is my view when I sit in my ol' rocker on my little patio.

I could definitely learn to like this! I think I may spend next winter here!!

Yesterday, the winds were so strong that the fisherman couldn't go out. Their little pangas just can't handle the heavy seas. And when the fishermen can't go out, neither do the birds.

This was an awesome site to come up on during my mid-day walk.

I love the pelicans - have loved them since I first saw them in flight in the Caribbean way back when I was a stew (that's flight attendant to those too young to remember the term stewardess!). I can sit and watch them for hours. And to see hundreds of them, together with the other gulls and terms, was just simply wild!
There were even two ducks sitting on the beach. I think the winds were even too strong for them, on their way to wherever it is they summer. They were taking a break.

Occasionally something would spook the mass of birds (like Penny approaching) and they'd all take to the air!

And the racket they made!

It was a scene straight out of "Birds"!

Later, Annette and I did a walking tour of old town. We found the shell lady (Judy) who's lived here for 22 years - and found that along with all the beautiful shells and shell jewelry that she sells by the seashore, she also sells bleu cheese, and bratwurst and other sausages! Gotta cover all the bases!

There are a couple places that sell hot dogs and snakes! And no, that's not me mis-spelling a word. That's what the signs say. I think they mean 'shakes'??

There are several wood carvers here, making lovely creations out of iron wood. I suspect one of their pelicans willl make it home with me!

On many corners are beer stores - they specialize here. You can go to a Tecate store, or a Corona store, or a Pacifico store. I even saw a Tecate Light, which I hadn't seen anywhere before!

The moon came up early,

and then we had another boring sunset!
It was way too windy to try to grill anything, so we decided to try our luck at Luigi's Pizzeria! It was a surprisingly good ending to another day in paradise!

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