Saturday, August 18, 2007

They lie!

Saturday, August 18th, 2007
Rocky Harbour to Grand Falls-Windsor, NewfundLAND

166.7 Miles
More bloody rain!

Weatherpersons must have a unique psychological makeup - I mean, what other job could you train for, make a lot of money doing, be wrong 95% of the time, and still keep your job, and not react to the trauma of being wrong all the time?

The weather has been nasty since I arrived in NewfundLAND on Tuesday (was it that long ago?) - cold, heavily overcast, humid and rainy. I hate to drive this big box in this kind of weather, especially when I'm supposedly sightseeing, plus it's a pain in the fanny to hook and unhook the coach in the rain! And according to the weather forecasts, is going to be that way for the next 10 days or so.

This kind of weather depresses me terribly (can you tell? reading back over this, I see I must apologize for my foul humor). And it's the weather that causes me the most pain! Plus this damned pinched nerve in my hip seems to be aggravated by it too.

So yesterday I made the decision to head back to the mainland. I'm on the clock with the bloody 'temporary resident visa', and I'm running out of pain pills! But it wasn't easy to change reservations with no phone signal, and I wasn't up to limping to the office, about a quarter mile away, on the chance that their phone had been repaired.

What I did for a phone eventually was hook up with Skype - that really neat computer based internet phone system at 2.1 cents a minute!! Of course you need a good internet connection for that - which I also didn't have, so it took most of the day.

Then last night, when Penny and I took our last short stroll, I noticed a star in the sky! Came and checked the internet connection and it was pretty good, so I was able to finally update this silly blog, which you may have noticed already! But it's not done, because I still need to put in some of the maps and more pictures, when the signal is a little stronger, so please keep checking old posts for updates!

Anyway, at that time, the weather forecasts were still for 10 days of 80-100% rain and thunderstorms. Since the best I had been able to do on the ferry was still several days away, I decided rather than whimper some more, I should hit the road and see a little more of what is truly a beautiful province, even when it's grey.

So what do I wake up to this morning? Blue sky and sunshine.

Weathermen - blah!

Of course, by the time I hit the road about two hours later, it's clouding over already. Grumble! It was so heavy and grey and wet that I couldn't get a single photo. Breaks my heart to come this far, to a place this lovely, and not have a decent picture to take home.

Sanger Memorial RV Park
Scott Avenue
Grand Falls - Windsor, Newfoundland

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