Sunday, April 3, 2011


Guess it's time for a new thermometer. I had been bouncing between major chills and hot sweaty periods, but my thermometer insisted my temp was only 95.2. Now I usually have a lower than normal temperature, but even I know that 95.2 is a bit low, especially when I'm freezing and clammy!

Plus, my incision had split open right in the middle of my belly, and was pretty gucky, so last Monday I called my doc to see if I could sneak in for a quick visit for his appraisal of the situation.

Turns out I was right - the belly wound was infected, but not too badly. "Not to worry" - so I picked up a two week prescription of Keflex (500mg 4xday). Cute doc said, if necessary, the scar could be cleaned up at a later date if it gets really ugly.

While there, his terrific nurse offered to show me her scars, and her rebuilt boobs and her tattoos - she had the same thing a little over two years ago. Her belly scar is not pretty - what I can see of mine that is healing OK is already better looking than hers. She had the surgery done in Houston, because no one here in Tucson was doing the TRAM-flap method when she needed it done. It's obvious hers was sutured (as opposed to mine which was just taped shut) because she has major purple scar points from each stitch. But her boobs look terrific, and her tattooed nipples look incredibly real. Hers are dark (Hispanic gal, at least hapa), and she's had kids, so they look 'used' (for want of a better term)...compared to mine that are basically skin color and don't even show unless it's below 30 degrees! I don't think I'll bother with a tat, unless I get a plumeria or a roadrunner or something like that! :o)

Anyway, she told me, several times, I simply have to give myself permission to take it easy - if I'm sleeping 10-11 hours every night, I need to be! And taking a nap everyday is a good thing too. She said it took her at least a year to get her strength back! This belly wound really beats the body up. So I'm going to try - really try - to allow myself not to fret about everything that I need to do around here.

(She says, after stopping at Wal-Mart on the way home to buy a vacuum cleaner and a couple plants and four bags of soil so I can plant my cactus and flowers . . . gotta have my flowers!)

So this last week has been a long one - I'm just plain exhausted all the time. I'm forcing myself to take my sweet Misha out for her walks, and there are many days when that's all I have the strength for. Didn't help that our power was off and on for three days this week, but I haven't even been up for keeping current with my emails - have almost 1100 to deal with now. Today is a month since the surgery, and I can't believe how weak I feel. I guess five surgeries in about a year is too many!

Rest! Go take a nap! OK.

Well maybe later. First a few pictures from around the park - spring has definitely sprung and everything is turning green, and flowering!

rgeous time of year! (except for the last couple days when we set records for high temperatures - 95, 96. Too soon, too hot! Thankfully, it's 10 degrees cooler today! Orange blossoms are out and the aroma is magic!

And there are some cute yard deco pieces!


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