Friday, April 29, 2011

On Target!

I don't think I mentioned earlier that when I went thru that delightful TRAM-flap surgery 8 weeks ago, I felt my belly button was in the wrong spot!

When the doc visited while I was still in the hospital, I asked why there was a little round wound near my waistline (assuming I had a waistline - I was so swollen from the surgery, it was hard to tell!) He said they had to reattach my belly button when they rearranged my tummy. OK.

As I went thru the very extended healing process, I kept looking at the new belly button and it just wasn't in the right place! When I would absent-mindedly reach to scratch the thing, I always put my finger about an inch and a half lower than the 'new one'. I even went back thru some old pictures to see if I was nuts. I wasn't - at least no more than usual!

Mentioned it to Honolulu pal Suzie, and she suggested getting a copy of the Target logo, and presenting it to my doctor. I figured, since I've already damaged my relationship with him by correcting him on our planned procedure in front of his team, I couldn't make it any worse.

So I took a 'target' with me when I saw him earlier this week. Put it on my sign-in form that he receives when he enters the room, so he'd be sure to see it. He, of course, asked about it. So I stuck my foot squarely in my mouth and suggested he use it next time he did a TRAM-flap so he'd be able to put the belly button in the right spot.

Well. It appears I was wrong. Again. Sort of. When he reattached the umbilicus to my tummy skin, he put it where it 'should' be - rather than putting it down at it's elderly gravity sponsored location. Oh. Said, since I'm 'svelte' now, it should be where it belongs - with a smile on his face!

Army Field Band

A few nights ago, my lovely neighbor Cathy had an extra ticket for a concert by the United States Army Field Band, "The Musical Ambassadors of the Army". WOW doesn't even begin to describe the show!

It was held at St. Augustine Cathedral in Tucson, which has just been through a restoration and is magnificent!

The band is professional, proficient and over-flowing with talent! The soloists were divine - a saxophone solo performing Dorsey, and then a trombone solo! Wonderful! The singers were terrific, especially the soprano who received a standing ovation!

The music ranged from good ol' brass band specials from John Philip Sousa to Shenandoah to Bernstein and more.

It was worth every moment, and it was FREE! I highly recommend taking in their concert if it's in your area - a rousing and cheerful evening!

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