Monday, October 1, 2007

Autumn is definitely here!

Sunday, September 30th, 2007
Averill Park to Brennan Beach, NY

175.5 miles

High light clouds

COLD this morning – as in 38 degrees cold! I guess summer is finally considering leaving!

Warmed up quickly though, to become a lovely fall day!

A little too chilly to hit the road early, so by the time I headed out, it was almost noon. I wanted to get to my destination early enough to see the last of the President’s Cup, so I drove the New York Thruway for about half the way. Nice road, very scenic, and not heavily traveled at all! Cost me $7.40 . . . not bad, considering the time saved. And I made it in time to see a couple hours of the golf!

One little tidbit that continues to make me smile – I’ve met a number of folks here in the Northeast, who, when learning that I’m from Arizona, have said something to the effect that I’m from as far away as possible! And a little further conversation indicates they believe Arizona is further away than California! I’ve been nice – I haven’t suggested they look at a map. In thinking about it, I guess Arizona still represents the Old West, and California is more civilized (not my personal opinion, mind you!) and populated and therefore must be closer to the East. Who knows?!?

My route today took me thru the heart of Albany and then wove along thru the state along the Mohawk River, so even though I was on a main toll road, it really was gorgeous! More color, of course, peeks of the river and fishing competitions in a couple places, with everyone in waders up to their armpits!
When cruising by the little town of Ft. Plain, I saw Beech Nut’s huge manufacturing plant – the entire town must exist for the plant!

Passed by several bridge works that step the river down a level – I’m sure there’s a name for those facilities, but I’m not familiar with it. OK, one of my erudite readers let me know these are called locks, and I did as told and looked it up. In 1918, the former "Erie Canal" was replaced by the "Barge Canal System" which incorporates much of the Mohawk River channel for its route to Rome, NY from Albany. The Barge Canal uses the main river channel through a series of dams and locks that control the flow of the Mohawk from early May to late November. These reservoirs of water are filled by capturing the spring runoff in a progressive stepped closing of the dams from east to west each spring. Each November, the river's normal flow is restored in reverse order. So now we all know!

I turned off the toll road and passed thru Rome (!) and back onto two lane roads, where I was told repeatedly that I’d be seeing horse and buggy travel, but sadly, I wasn’t so lucky!

Not quite as much color here yet – but it’s starting! Arrived at Brennan Beach, on Lake Ontario, hooked up and turned on the golf!! Yeah, yeah, I know – I’ll get my toe in the Lake later!

Brennan Beach RV Resort
Pulaski, NY 13142

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