Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Am I still here?

Today is the most recent promised completion date, and it ain't gonna be! Now Joe is saying Friday. Oh well, if it's done right, I'm OK with that.

How do you like the status?

In case you don't recognize it, that's my bedroom!

One of the problems, which I hadn't even noticed but the terrific guy at Ed Hannon's Freedom RV in Tucson identified, was that the back wall was loose!

The back window has been removed here, because the seal was faulty and it leaked onto my desk when it rained.

Then they had to dismantle the entire wall, finding that the required supports were not there! This really was put together by mice! So at this stage, pictured above, they have provided the necessary supports, and the bluegreen color indicates it has been treated for waterproofing. Next they will put on another layer of wall and then the finish features.

And when they pulled the computer desk off the wall, they found it hadn't been installed well, which explained why the window shades were inoperative!

The next thing they found was when they were trying to fix the sagging closet/slide. In the middle of the picture, you can see a separation between the framing and the top of the closet - about a half inch in size. La Mesa said, number one it wasn't there, and number two it couldn't be fixed.

There's supposed to be a support beam in the middle of the closet - of course, since it will be heavily loaded with clothes and stuff - and it was, can you guess? Missing! So they have provided a new supporting framework to lift the entire structure back into position.

And then there's the refrigerator - I had forgotten to mention that each time I defrost the thing, it leaks all over the floor. I dreamed about it the other night and mentioned it to Joe yesterday. He had already discovered when he pulled the thing, that the hose to drain the water outside the coach had never been installed. It was still taped to the back of the refrigerator.

And then there's the kitchen slide itself - when he pulled it, he found that the roller under the aft end of the slide was completely demolished -

presumably by all that loose hardware I had found under the roller last summer, pictured here. This was all stuck under the roller under the refrigerator. So I have a new assembly there too!

So there is progress - good progress - and I'm obviously in the right place to be having it done!

Sunshine thoughts to you!

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