Sunday, June 29, 2008

'Classmates' works!!

Most of my readers have realized that I have nothing resembling a functioning memory. This makes my daily life an adventure, because most everything I do is a totally new experience. But my times of ‘reflection’ are very empty – I have little to call upon. Without my photo albums, I have no history at all.

Actually, that isn’t entirely true. It’s one of the initial reasons for this silly little travel blog. I wanted to be able to ‘remember’ my adventures on the road! And I’ve found that if I write something down, as it happens, and then read it a few times, I’ll “remember” the experience. Sort of. You may have noticed many empty patches in this couple years of blogging. If I didn’t get it down on paper in a timely fashion, it’s simply gone. (i.e. the Alaska trip . . . very long days on the road, before I learned to keep a notepad by the driver’s seat for quick notes, and the next day, I simply couldn’t remember what we saw and talked about. So it didn’t get into the blog.) The reasons behind all this are another story entirely.

Anyway, that said, I have a couple of what I believe are real memories. Most of those that do peek through are sad for some reason. But a few snippets lurk around, teasing me, begging to be retrieved.

For instance, a name – the name of a girlfriend from days long past. She was a classmate in school – and I ‘know’ she was very dear to me. She’s been missing from the radar for a very long time.

I’ve searched periodically – good old Google, phone books, you know the routine. I finally succumbed to the constant harassment of the Classmates advertising, and signed in to my high school. It’s quite embarrassing how very few of the names even sounded vaguely familiar. But, lo and behold, after a couple visits, there she was!! My friend’s name! In print!

We’ve now exchanged about 20 emails, and I’m absolutely thrilled! She’s well, happily married, and equally pleased to have ‘found’ me. She’s been looking for me too!! Turns out we were in touch up until about 24 years ago. In my inimitable fashion, I have no memory of almost 20 years of prior contact, but she’s filling in loads of facts.

This is just TOO much fun!!!

So. Much as I hate to do it, I truly do suggest giving Classmates a shot, if there’s someone you’ve lost touch with, who you’d like to find again

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