Monday, July 17, 2006

So little time

So much to do - so little time? I've heard that somewhere before, but suddenly it truly applies to me!!

I've been lollygagging around in the Home For The Bewildered for two months now, taking my time getting accustomed to my new surroundings and new lifestyle, and planning for this little (!) Alaska adventure. And now I leave in a week, and where or where did the time go? So much left to do and no time to do it, so of course I'm wasting more by putting a little note in my neat little journal! Annette and I have joked that we are sitting in a little vortex in the desert which saps all energy and motivation! I believe it to be true!

My lovely over 60 gentleman has just arrived back after three weeks away, to pick up his motorcycle and bring it down to the desert from Idaho. Called from the highway yesterday to invite me to lunch at one of our favorite spots, Melio's Trattoria in Tubac, for lunch. Sure, I don't have anything to do anyway!

Nice view of Elephant Head from our table as we got caught up on all of each other's news. Hugh missed his mountains and is already making palns to return to them each summer, but also reminded himself why he moved down to warmer climes for the winter.

He missed some HOT HOT days, but also some glorious thunder and lightning storms! He need have no fear - there will be more!

I'd like to take credit for this picture, but must admit I filtched it from the web somewhere! For those who haven't experienced these magnificent storms, this is what we get to see every summer in the valley! In fact, yesterday afternoon, when Annette and I were walking with Bailey, one of those suckers flashed and cracked right over our heads. Too close for comfort!!!

Anyway, I've finished my morning tea and MUST get something done today! So I'm off for now. Think good thoughts about shutting down this bloody vortex, so I will be free to accomplish something this week!


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