Monday, October 20, 2008

Ruidoso downers

Monday, September 29th, 2008
Ruidoso, NM

Beautiful day

Just a quickie, and no pictures because my camera’s memory card died on me, taking numerous photos with it, which is truly sad, because this area is so beautiful!

I drove all over town, and down by Ruidoso Downs, a major horse racing center.

The area is GREEN, and cool, and full of neat shops and homes – tempting for a summer getaway! Except I couldn’t get a phone signal, or an internet connection with my own wi-fi, or even TV with my own satellite. Those are serious negatives for me. There are several other RV parks in town, some closer to the main drag so at least the possibility of a phone signal exists, except AT&T is not strong here! so say the locals!

The park I stayed in would have been really nice (except for those previously mentioned critical connections with the world) – gorgeous setting on a burbling brook, and, like that. BUT, the clown that ran the place was truly weird – and the townspeople knew it and talked about it – he’s a serious conspiratorial theorist. Into stockpiling guns and gold for when our current government forces a police state on us all just prior to the election so George Bush SENIOR can take over the planet! Oh, and all educated people and seniors will be sent to ‘rehabilitation camps’ and gassed. I mean, this guy was off the walls!

But beyond that, Ruidoso is scrumptious! Pricy too. Oh well – on to look for other safe havens!!

White Sands

Sunday, September 28th, 2008
Deming to Ruidoso, NM

185.6 miles
Sunny and windy

Another lovely day – autumn in this part of the world is so wonderful!!

Heading east, the road is flat and straight, thru gently rolling hills, high plateau. With lots of two-story billboards to spoil the landscape. Two big billboards, one on top of the other. UGLY!

But there were masses of tiny yellow wildflowers lining the roads as a more pleasant distraction!!

Misha didn't seem to mind the billboards or the flowers though!

Spotted a couple good sized herds of cattle, and what appeared to be solar powered pumps for the water troughs!

Passed an old codger peddling a three-wheeled bike, with a sign on his back saying “accepting donations”! I had seen an SUV traveling very slowly on the shoulder about a mile back, so I’m guessing he’s doing a trip across country on the bicycle with wife and supplies supporting him. Crazy, but good for him!

Topped a ridge and looked down on Las Cruces – would have made a great photo, but it was just too windy, so very hazy.

Saw one great name for a bar – “Billiards and Booze” – my kind of place!!

Very handsome rocky ridgeline on the east side of town – studying the map, it must be the Aguirre Springs National Recreational Area.

Another big sign advertising the upcoming White Sands Balloon Invitational – September 20th and 21st! Drat – missed it! Must be a warm-up for the Albuquerque show!

I’ve learned that my big box doesn’t climb hills as well when I tow my car – that long trip last year without my car spoiled me! The Mustang definitely puts a drag on the available power to pull! Now I’m one of those nasty RVer’s that people gripe about! I can usually get up enough steam to pass a big 18-wheeler, but it’s slow, and I have a line behind me when I finally pull back in the slow lane. If I can get a running start on the hill, I do OK, but if I have to slow down for any reason, it’s all over!

White Sands Missile Range! I have a picture of my folks and me standing on some of the very white sand dunes here, oh so many years ago (1956, if you must know). They must have moved the highway since then, because you don’t get to see the huge impressive expanse of white sands as in the past! Or maybe it blew away!

Passed a classic old Triumph TR-3 – what a gorgeous well maintained car! Made me miss my old MG! Had to remind myself that I couldn’t even get in and out of her anymore! Oh well!!

And then had to go thru a Border Patrol checkpoint in the middle of the desert! Do they really think that someone is going to choose that route to find freedom in America?

Nearing Alamogordo, saw a billboard advertising the New Mexico Museum of Space History, celebrating the spirit of exploration, with special events later this month. Just looked up the address and see that the Imax show is already sold out!

Alamogordo is home to the Holloman Air Force Base and is the classic military town – hot cars, good looking young people, strip malls. The town is nestled up against the Lincoln National Forest and the setting is beautiful. Lots of pistachios and pecans and grapes growing in the surrounding countryside.

Passed the “New Cowboy Church” – for new cowboys?

Headed northeast thru the Mescalero Apache Reservation – into winding roads and forests and the beautiful high country where Ruidoso hides. What a perfect ending to a lovely day!

Rainbow Lake Cabin & RV Resort
806 Carrizo Canyon Road
Ruidoso, NM 88345

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