Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Westward Ho

Kerrville  to  Ft. Stockton, TX
Saturday, January 12th, 2008

OK gang - I'm on my way back to Arizona, again with the help of my great friends. Lizzie arrived on Friday, the 11th to drive my coach home for me, and Meg headed back to the marvelous weather in Seattle on Saturday, the 12th. And poor Meg - there was a TSA lock down at the San Antonio Airport when she was due to leave, so she sat there for more than four hours with sirens screaming, waiting for whatever they were trying to find - didn't make it home until after 1 am.

Lizzie and I left Kerrville on Saturday and made it as far as Ft. Stockton, still in Texas. Beat the crap out of me. The rocking and rolling of the coach on the road is really hard on the aching hip! Next day we made it as far as El Paso and I had to beg for mercy and we took an extra day off for me to try to recuperate a little.

That was too easy of course, because the water heater chose to die. You might recall I installed an on demand propane water heater, which is marvelous when it's working right. Apparently one of the really cold nights when I was in the hospital, some wires burned when the water heater was trying to maintain a basic heat. Guess I'm lucky it didn't burn the entire coach down. Anyway, the water heater worked for the time Meg was still with me, but gave up the ghost the next day.

Finally found a mechanic who'd look at it here in El Paso - after phone conversations with the maker, we decided it had fried the mother board, so had to get a new one over-nighted to me, with a few odds and ends of pieces. Just had it replaced and reset and now have hot water!

And while that was going on, I finally got my own personal wi-fi reconnected after whatever happened to it while I was in Virginia. And I gotta tell you, it's nice to have my own system back, and not have to rely on possible connections at various RV parks!

Anywho - tomorrow we head out again, hopefully as far as the metropolis of Willcox, AZ, then to the Phoenix area on Thursday. The coach will be down the road from Lizzie's home in Maricopa, where I'll bunk for a while, dealing with doctors and physical therapy and blood tests and the like.

And hopefully will learn to walk somewhat like a people again, 'cause I sure look awkward right now! It's challenging that this damned broken hip was on the healthiest of the two I try to get around on - now my messed up ankle is being asked to be the strong one for walking on the damaged hip! Makes for a really interesting gait!

Thank you so much, those who put out positive thoughts for me on this latest little adventure - I'm reminded again of the email that goes around reminding us to hang on to old friends, and dear girlfriends! Don't know where I'd be without my pals! I'm so very grateful for all the support! I'm a tough old broad, but it's kinda nice to have someone dear who insists on providing needed help, whether I think I want it or not!

Ft. Stockton RV Park
I-10 &; Exit 264
with Roadrunner BBQ & Cafe

Mission RV Park
1420 R.V. Drive
El Paso, TX 79928

Magic Circle RV Park
700 N. Virginia Ave.
Willcox, AZ 85643

Moving again!

Letter to the Editor
Kerrville Daily Times
January 10, 2008

I’m writing to express my gratitude – gratitude from the depths of my heart – to a number of total strangers who came to my aid in my time of need. I’m a traveler – I live full-time in my RV and travel the back roads of our lovely land. I spent Christmas here in Kerrville, and was headed west on the morning of December 27th, when I made a mis-step from my coach and fell. Fell hard.

I was incredibly fortunate that Jean Cassidy saw me fall. She stopped to offer her assistance. Another kind gentleman, whose name I didn’t get, also stopped and offered his strong back, to help me to my feet. That’s when we determined I must have broken my hip and called 911.

The paramedics were the road angels of aid that we always take for granted. They took me to Sid Peterson Memorial Emergency and the staff there was grand! In fact, when it was determined that I had indeed broken my hip, the entire staff of nurses and aides and therapists were the best I’ve seen – caring and gentle and full of encouragement.

Ms. Cassidy checked in on me 5 times to make sure I was doing well. The All Creatures Animal Hospital took in my sweet little dog and cared for her while I was in the hospital. The Guadalupe River RV Park was kind enough to retrieve my RV and return it to the park for good keeping, and then set it up for the arrival of my friend who flew in to help care for me.

The friendliness and kindness and thoughtfulness offered by the townspeople of Kerrville are beyond any hopes or expectations. I thank you, one and all.

The Animal Rescue Site

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