Friday, March 22, 2013

Calendar says it's spring

March 21st.  The start of the spring season.  In some places!

But it is definitely spring is the Old Pueblo (one of Tucson's nicknames)  -  low 80s with breezes during the day, and nights down to mid 50s - perfect!!

The air is sweet with the scent of orange blossoms, and roses are blossoming out in all their glory.

The cactus are already beginning to show their wonderful flowers - it's going to be a beautiful spring in the desert!

I've liked the looks of decorative kale since we spotted some in Anchorage on our Alaska road trip, so I decided to try one here.  

I don't know why I assumed it would just continue to look like a fancy lettuce plant, but I was surprised when the thing flowered!  And what a pretty flower.  The kale just cruised along for several weeks, then exploded in growth and put out this wonderful delicate flower!   What fun - people have stopped on their walks or bikes to ask what it is!

With Easter just around the corner, one of my neighbors has dressed up her Christmas reindeer in a sweet little Easter bonnet! 

And another neighbor has brought in his horse to snack on some of his cactus...

I mentioned recently that the birdies are nesting up - one near my house is sloppy from the outside, but still a work of art.

Had to peak inside, and there are no eggs yet in evidence.

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