Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring, here!

Many parts of the country are still suffering from major winter, but spring is definitely springing, in typical Southern Arizona fashion!

Last weekend, it was twenty degrees BELOW normal.  This weekend is supposed to be twenty degrees ABOVE normal, as in mid-90s!  And next week will be back in the 70s!

Whatever - I'm loving it!  I saw my first Cardinal of the year a couple days ago, and the rest of the birdies are nesting up, chattering and chirping and chasing through the trees, and the rabbits are, um, doing what rabbits do!

Plus, the flowers are bouncing back from the very rude hard freezes we had a few weeks back, trees are starting to bud out, and the cactuses (cacti ??) are already starting to bloom.  Should be a colorful spring.   Gonna have to start carrying the camera again every time the pup and I walk!

Speaking of Ms Misha, she is currently sporting a faux-poodle look, as she recovers from some dental surgery.  Poor baby had 9 teeth pulled, but she's already healed up well and is obviously feeling better, even though I didn't realize she wasn't up to par.  And her breath is better!!  But they did have to shave her front leg for the IV, hence the faux-poodle look.  She pulls it off with her painted nails too!

It's good she's not one of those cute little doggies with an underbite, because they pulled all of the tiny teeth between her canines, and would tend to look like a little old lady who forgot her dentures!  As it is, her smile is just fine!

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