Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What a surprise!

Finally - a study that shows that 'chemo brain' does exist!  I know and know of a whole bunch of women who will attest to that!!  "Chemo brain' - the less than scientific term for the brain fog and forgetfulness that comes with the accepted form of poison called chemotherapy!  And lasts for some time after the final chemo treatment!  In fact I've been known to use the 'chemo brain' excuse to this day when it seems appropriate!

Beyond that, another day, another doctor.  Had another MOH surgery today to remove an invasive squamous cell cancer from the back of my right hand.  And like the one of my shin earlier this year, it's in an area where it's impossible to stitch the wound closed, so it'll be another multi-month healing process.  Considering that it is my right hand, meaning it's on the arm with the lymphedema, it could take even longer than that to heal.

So with that cheery news, here are a couple flowers to brighten the day!

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