Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Test time

As my shrunken left boob continues to finally heal, I've been getting check-ups and tests and all the things that determine if I'm still OK.

Saw my cancer doctor fo
r my semi-annual exam - blood tests show that my red and white blood cells are in great shape, but that my vitamin D level is very low. So I'm now taking 4000 iu a day. Thank goodness, those are tiny little capsules!

I've had a chest x-ray and a bone density scan. No results on those yet. But the concern is high against osteoporosis - 'they' call mine drug-induced. Since I've never done any fun drugs (except Jack Daniels)
, I'm assuming they're referring to all the cancer drugs and hormones and hormone replacement and whatnot.

I've been receiving Zometa, an IV of bone strengthening stuff, every six months for a while now. But my cancer doc has now switched me to a new drug, Prolia, which is showing better results and fewer side
effects. And it's simply a shot in the arm!

Always something new going on in medicine - amazing advances. A neighbor of mine was just diagnosed with a small breast cancer tumor. After a number of tests, they determined that a lumpectomy was all she would need to endure. . .no chemo, and radiation is a mayb
e, but not necessary. What was really neat for her is a relatively new technique of injecting a nuclear dye of some sort, which turns the cancer cells blue, to insure they get it all! And even though tests indicated the cancer might be in a couple of her lymph nodes, they didn't turn blue, so they weren't removed. Oh how I wish that was around two years ago when I went through all this!!!!! Hopefully that will minimize the possibility of developing lymphedema in the future, like I did!

Meanwhile, it's back in the 90s here, and the flowers are still smiling (these are the size of small dinner plates!!), and what I'm looking forward to next is renewing my drivers license - that should be fun!

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