Thursday, March 1, 2012

Anothre MOH

Another day, another MOH surgery. This time in the crook of my lymphedema arm.

I was concerned with having another gaping hole, like the one I have in my shin, because of the compression sleeve I must wear everyday, and the compression bandage that I wrap the poor arm up with every night.

While the extra compression might help against bleeding, I thought it might slow the healing even more (4-5 MONTHS for the shin!).

My doctor, who is a well-known specialist in the MOH process, was reluctant to suture the wound, because it is in the crook of my elbow, wh
ich would be putting extra tension on the sutures because of constant stress of bending.

Knowing more than he does, of course, I insisted on the sutures, and he relented and gave in to my wishes. But he did his best to make sure I won't rip it open - I think I counted 28 stitches, with heavy nylon sutures, with two layers of stitches. And told me to try not to bend my arm for at least two weeks. Yeah, right.

I will try to take it easy though. I'm definitely the walking wounded as we speak...the hole on my shin that needs at least 3-4 MONTHS more to heal (I can't see any change in it at all yet, but the doctor was very impressed with how it looks and the care I'm taking of it), the poor wounded uplifted boob that's still very tender with incisions still held together by steri-strips, the MOH surgery yesterday in the crook of my arm (at least it's seriously sutured) and another hole in my back where the doctor did a 95% sure biopsy of another skin cancer, where he took a big enough chunk that he hopes not to have to go back in to clean it up.

Tough to find a comfy way to sleep - left skin, left boob, right arm and back. Maybe I should just stay in my recliner! :o)

At least the cactus
continue to bloom and make me smile!

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