Thursday, February 23, 2012

Walking tall?

This walking taller thing might not be all it's cracked up to be!! My back is killing me! I keep telling myself I'm just going thru an adjustment phase! :o)

Saw my doc Monday. He seemed very pleased with his handiwork on the mastopexy. I asked him if he often saw his patients a couple days after surgery, to which he replied that he did not. So I showed him the photo of my multi-colored uplifted boob (in a post a couple days back). I loved his response - his eyes flared, and he had a noticeable intake of breath. Poor thing was a tad surprised, to say the least! All he could manage to say was, "colorful!" Yeah, I kinda noticed that myself!

Apparently I'm not finished with all this crap. I see him again in 4 weeks, at which point the girls should both be totally settled into their new life status. He will then determine what needs to be done to finish the job. I may just call it quits at this point, but he says some finessing is usually necessary to tidy things up.

I also asked him about keloid scars, because I have one area on my TRAM-flap scar that has 'keloided' ?? He took a look and said that it wasn't a keloid, that it was a hypertrophic scar - similar but not as traumatic...easy to repair, and he definitely would be happy to fix it. Doc Hollywood also said that if you have a tendency to keloid, all scars would do it. I have always scarred very nicely, if there is such a thing. But in my many miles of scars, none have done what the couple inches on my belly has. Hypertrophic. Whatever, it's fixable!

I do enjoy going to the cancer center - it' is a well-designed building that takes the patient into consideration. What's best is the grounds - it's desert landscaping and is always beautiful. Flowers are blossoming early there too! The penstemon has always been one of my favorites.

The fairy dusters are showing their feathery flowers early too!

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