Friday, February 17, 2012

I forgot

I forgot to mention one little thing in my recent update!

I experienced the neatest sensation almost immediately after the surgery - I felt the fluttering of my t-shirt on my skin, the skin that had been hidden under a saggy old boob for a long time. It was so neat!!! It only lasted a couple days, but it was absolutely delightful! Silly, huh?

Another thing I meant to mention, pyracantha berries. While there are lots of signs of spring blossoming out, the pyracantha berries are fading. Personally, I'm not very fond of the pyracan
tha - it's a thorny cranky shrub that bites.

I first became familiar with it when we lived in Fr
esno, CA. We had it growing along a number of our fences. It really makes an attractive hedge, assuming you aren't the one who has to trim it. It flowers with tiny white flowers in late spring, and they develop into little berries that turn bright red in late autumn, early winter.

Mama used sprigs of the berries to decorate the fireplace mantle at Christmas, with candles and whatnot.

Besides biting you if you get close, they are also messy as can be. But what is really fun is when the birds discover that the berries are starting to ferment, and eat all they
can. Drunk birds are a giggle!

We have the pyracantha growing all over Arizona
too. And the coyotes have also discovered the berries - it's not unusual to see a coyote walking (staggering) along the top of the wall in your yard, enjoying the over-ripe berries!!

It's that time of year - the birds are having a party!

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