Monday, October 17, 2011

It's been a loooong week

It's been a long and frustrating week since my last report, but as of today I'm in slightly better humor!

First, after my visit with my oncologist last week, and his confident verdict that my third boob was a hematoma, I emailed my boob doc and said basically 'WTF"!! He wrote back promptly and said it absolutely was NOT a hematoma. I whimpered, and told him I was tired of wondering and worrying about it, and didn't care if it was a bowl of chocolate syrup, I just wanted to know, and have it GONE! He said he'd take a look at the scan and get back to me. So my relief at finally having an answer was dumped in a mud puddle.

Then, when it occurred to me that I hadn't heard from his scheduling gal about a date for the implant trade-out surgery, I gave her a call. She finally found the initial page saying we needed to set something up, but hadn't received the rest of the surgical order (what he intends to do, so they can get the insurance OK), said she'd check on it and get back to me (I'm getting sick of that phrase! :o)

Friday, my doctor's nurse called and said everything was confused (no shit??), and that they had a note on the file that I'd be back in two weeks for another fill-up (which we hadn't scheduled, of course), but also had a note that I'd received the normal surgery packet of info. Promising to have everything squared away ASAP, she made an appointment for me to come in today and get everything back on track.

Of course when I arrived this morning, there was no record of an appointment for me, but they made room for me, 90 minutes later. They were kind enough to give me a little $5 coupon for something to eat at the cafe in the facility, since I had to wait. Interestingly, I ran into my doctor at the cafe - he'd just returned from surgery and was grabbing a bite as he started his regular day, very late. Well balanced diet - a big bag of fresh popcorn, a big diet soda, and a breakfast burrito!

He asked where I had the CTscan performed, because they hadn't received the actual scan, just the report. Said he'd get it before he was to see me later.

Having read half-way into a new book, he arrived. Asked me to follow him, and in another room he showed me my actual CTscan. Even I could see that there is NOTHING there - nothing. His conclusion is that my third boob is simply a pile of fat (it's a drag being overweight, so fat is everywhere!!) that was sort of trapped by the rearrangement of stuff when the TRAM-flap surgery was performed. Not harmful in any way.

I asked what we could do about it. He said no problem, he'd just do a little snip when we do the implant trade-out, and it'll be gone!

Six months of fretting about this 'thing' sticking out where it doesn't belong, and it really is just that bowl of chocolate syrup. It's kind of silly to be embarrassed to find that's all it is, and not something more dramatic, but what can I say.

So all in all, a pretty good day. I did get another fill-up, and considering that the new boob is still rather mal-formed, it was probably needed. He gave me a pretty healthy load today, so it aches like a bitch, but that's only for a day or so. My third boob is presumably resolved, and my scheduling is presumably back on track. I think I'll go pour a Jack Daniels!

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