Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I was going to write a glowing report about the wild beauty of our monsoons, but . . .

I was curled up, reading a Sue Grafton, Kinsey Millhone mystery, yesterday afternoon, and heard the radio in the background saying it was 98 degrees, and looked like the day was going to go by without any rain. Moments later, I heard the little pitter patter of raindrops on the roof. I looked out the window and saw only blue sky!

And moments later, the skies opened up. We were slammed with rain, wind, lightning and thunder - a wild monsoon out of nowhere! I love these storms! I went to the computer and looked at the weather report. It showed no weather anywhere. Shows how much they know.

About ten minutes later, I wandered to the
front window and the road was flooded with run-off, almost curb to curb! It rained, hard, for about 40 minutes! Still no sign of the storm on the computer weather picture! The temperature dropped 25 degrees!!! It was cooler outside than it was in the house!

An absolutely perfect monsoon storm! I love them, just love them! And then it was gone - blue skies, no winds, no clouds. Just another summer day.

The roads were still running ankle deep with water, the plants were all a little droopy from the onslaught of rain, but the air smelled so sweet. The humidity was thru the roof again, of course, but since it was only 73 degrees, that was OK. It was back up to 83 within an hour, but by then I was back in the house with the cooler back on!

Unfortunately, my pleasure from the storm was quickly diminished when Misha and I w
ent out for a walk to enjoy the cool air.

The winds had playe
d havoc with my house.

Oh well, that's just another of the 'joys' of the monsoon season!

At least we didn't lose power or have any fires started by the lightning!

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