Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Second fill-up

Well, even though it's been averaging about 104 degrees again for more than a week (and projected as far as we can see into the future), it's our famous "dry heat" again (almost)! And that is pure pleasure, relatively speaking.

At least we don't have the 50-70% humidity with it right now because we haven't had
any of our monsoon rains for several days. In fact, right this minute, weather.com says it's only 14% humidity! I can live with that! As long as I stay indoors!!! :o)

And the barrel cactus are happy and putting out their summer finery!

Had my second 'fill-up' into my temporary breast implant yesterday. I'm really lucky that I'm not having any trouble with pain from this procedure with the implant and skin expander. There's just a gentle ache, and with everything else I have to deal with, that's nothing.

But I'm thinking I'm about as inflated as I want to be. I'm looking rather like that email cartoon that goes around of the gal who tried to improve her bust line by putting a box of kleenex into her dress, not just the kleenex. My new boob looks about that fake to me.

But it's so much better than what I was left with after the surgery that I shouldn't, and won't, complain!

I do have to laugh though. I have only two tops that I can wear now, loose and baggy, to attempt to camouflage my lack of symmetry. I have this lovely new teenage boob sitting pert and firm up on my clavicle and my poor droopy saggy old thing wobbling along down near my waist on the other side, and clothes just look a little odd!

But as a few friends insist on reminding me, it beats the alternative!

I received the results from my CT scan last week. I'm very disappointed to say we've learned nothing from it. This damned third boob that has been growing below my new boob didn't show up on the scan as anything.

But it is still there, has been for four months, and it seems to me that it's growing, although that could be in my head since I'm so frustrated by the whole thing. I look down and see this thing, which so obviously is not normal (at least it seems obvious to me!), and what can I do? My very sweet PCP (primary care physician) is finally as concerned as I am, and is now trying to get insurance approval to send me to someone else to take a look.

Half a dozen medical types have agreed it's a hernia, but it didn't show on the scan as a hernia. It disappears when I lay on my back, but when I tap my fingertips where it was, it sounds so hollow (not a normal sound when you tap on your belly!) - like a tight drum skin, or a balloon! And it leaps back out to bother me when I stand or sit up again. It feels like a big fresh bruise when I touch it. It's driving me crazy!!! Crazier! :o)

The good thing, I guess, is that the scan does show that all the various organs and glands in the area appear normal and healthy. It shows some "minor atelectasis in the lung bases" whatever the hell that means. Actually, it probably means I haven't done enough aerobic type activity for way too long, as in the 37 years since I busted my body up so badly! I should probably exercise with that disgusting little machine they give you in the hospital after surgery to keep your lungs clear.

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