Friday, August 26, 2011

Well, I had been planning to give all the CTscan info in one fell swoop, but in typical fashion, I still haven't heard the results, so...

Got off on the wrong foot on Monday, because the girls gave me the wrong address when they set the appointment. At least where I had to be was within a mile, so no big deal. Then it seems they neglected to tell me that I needed to drink some barium before the test, so the first thing I did was down a quart of the stuff when I signed in. (And for the record, should you need a CTscan that requires barium, insist on getting the lemonade flavored stuff rather that the old fashioned chalky crap - the lemonade flavor is totally drinkable!!)

After giving barium a chance to work its way thru my system, they laid me down on the sliding table, covered me with a blanket (because it was probably 55 degrees in the place!) and ran the machine over me once to get a base reading. Then they injected an imaging material thru an IV and ran the machine over me again. That was it - we were done.

The techs warned me that I'd probably have diarrhea from the barium, and for 24 hours I definitely did. I choose to think of that as a good cleansing!

I was hoping to get the results Wednesday, but noooooooo. So now I just get to look at my third boob and wonder some more. I'll report in when I learn something!

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