Monday, July 25, 2011

Next step

Finally heard that the health insurance company has come through with approval for the next phase of the breast reconstruction. I had almost talked myself out of it! Guess now I'm committed.

The table is reserved for next Tuesday, the 2nd, when I'll get the 'gadget' inserted to begin the expansion program! What shall we shoot for? Dolly Parton is a 38DD, but she weighs about half what I do, so I guess that doesn't
count! I've definitely had enough of big boobs - or voluminous, as my cancer surgeon called them! And with this new puppy sitting up around my clavicle, I'll be quite happy with something a tad more petite than my saggy old things! We'll just have to see how it progresses!

Meanwhile, killer summer heat br
ings more pretty things to look at in the desert! By now, I suspect most everyone is familiar with how healthy prickly pear juice can be for us. But where does the juice come from? The prickly pear fruit, of course, and right now, the plants are just ripe for picking - and pretty too!

This juicing job isn't one I've attempted yet. These guys have stickers on them, as you can see! So I'll leave the work to other!

A few other cactus have put out some blossoms, what with the monsoon rains, and it's just another pretty time of year!

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