Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Oh, good, summer is officially here. Now it can start to get warm! As in, they're predicting 110 for Tucson tomorrow. Thank goodness I had my swamp cooler tuned up yesterday, so it keeps the temperature down in the house, which it hadn't been doing.

I'm guessing the folks in the Colorado mountains don't believe summer has arrived. 5 more inches of snow probably has them confused!

I'll stick to the sun - remember, it's a dry heat! :o))

Yeah, I'll stick to the sun, even if it means I have to have more skin cancers dealt with - yesterday I had one cancer sliced off my leg that required four stitches, and about 30 pre-cancers frozen with liquid nitrogen. Ah, the joys of being a sun worshiper in my youth!!!

Interesting though, the wonderful chemo that I received for several months slowed down the growth of all my skin cancers - the doc told me that might happen. Like hair and fingernails and such, skin cancers are fast growing cells, so they were incidental victims of the chemo too. Not all bad!!

But there is some good news too - some friends who had to evacuate their lovely new home last week down near Sierra Vista because of the Monument Fire have learned the house hasn't been damaged, they have power, and they might be able to go home today or tomorrow. The fire came as close as a mile on two sides of their place before it was stalled. Guess that means their views will be a little black for the time being, but that's minor when their home is OK!!!!!

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