Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Banner Day

T'was a banner day for me yesterday! A long and exhausting day, but a good one!

Had two doctor appointments to get to, and I drove myself!

My very good friend, Lizzie, is in town from Vegas to keep an eye on Misha, and take care of me thru this recovery. Unfortunately, the morning after I came home from the hospital, she tripped and fell, and broke her right shoulder. Between us, we've had almost one whole body!

So besides hurting like hell herself, she's felt a tad guilty about not being able to do everything she'd like for me. Like drive my car. Handling a stick-shift Mustang without the use of your right arm is pretty much an impossibility. So when it came time to talk about how to get me to the doctor appointments, we talked about renting a new fangled automatic.

But in my inimitable fashion, I wasn't having any part of it. I knew I could drive. Perhaps it wasn't the wisest move, but . . . So I gave it a try a couple days ago -- I have pretty much full use of my right arm, even with all the carving on my chest wall, so shifting wasn't a problem at all, and using the clutch and brake and gas caused me no additional pain! So I was all set!! I was mobile!!

Shouldn't come as a surprise - I've long known that I need to do things for myself - that's how I get well!! Makes a lot of my friends crazy, but it works for me. I have to DO THINGS MYSELF - makes me stronger, faster! Gives the entire body a boost to realize I can do it!

So! Yesterday morning I received my final Herceptin IV! I'm finished with all that chemical and biological stuff!!! YES!! Since my port had been removed already, I received it thru a regular IV, but that was no big deal. Also received my semi-annual dose of Zometa, my IV osteoporosis drug. And I don't have to go back to the chemo palace for three months!! and then it's just for some blood work and a check-up! I'm done!!!!!!

From there we went to a cute little Mexican place, Rubio's, for some quick fish tacos - yummy stuff - I'll go back there!

And then it was to the plastic surgeon for my first follow-up. He was highly impressed that I've been walking my sweet little doggie, and surprised that I felt up to driving. He was quite pleased with his workmanship, removed one drain and invited me back in a week to get the other two out. He confided that he's had a couple patients tell him they would rather go thru the pain of child birth than do this kind of surgery again! But he promises it'll get easier in another week. or two. or three.

All in all, a great day! Good medical reports all around, a fun lunch, and no problems driving! Of course I took a long nap the minute we arrived home, but that's OK too!

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