Thursday, February 17, 2011

One Year

Today is a big day for me - one year since my mastectomy. What a year!

Major surgery and home the same day. Long recovery with infections in my 'broth' and skin areas along the scar that died and had to be excised. Chemo, which went amazingly well. The development of lymphedema, which made me wonder, and still does, if it was all worth while. Two more sessions of Herceptin and then all that is finished.

And now, I've received word that the insurance company has approved my doctor's request to begin breast reconstruction. With the understanding that if we do it all, it might take up to another year to complete, because my scar is so disfiguring that it must first be repaired before any reconstruction can even begin. Gonna be another long year.

But I have the most amazing friends and supporters, and I've already received several positive 'you go girl' kind of comments that will keep me headed in the right direction!

Plus, even though the sale of my RV fell out, so I have to start all that routine again, I'm in the process of moving into a sweet little mobile home just down the road. A new phase of my life, with a new body! What more could I ask??

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