Sunday, January 9, 2011

One Experiment Down

You, my fine readers, may have noticed that I'm not fond of the damned lymphedema that plagues my arm. I decided to experiment with the various wrappings that I must deal with on a daily basis.

Since the most effective wrap is the multi-layered compression wrap that I apply every night, I figured I'd continue with that abominable monstrosity, and try not wearing the compression sleeve and glove during the day, in hopes that the night wrap would keep the swelling well controlled.


Since last Sunday, I've been particularly careful with the night time wrap, wearing it from shortly after doing the dinner dishes, until time to dress and take Misha out for her morning walk. And I have joyfully not put the compression sleeve and glove on, and have enjoyed the use of my hand all day. Gotta tell you, I sure did like it!

But this morning, when I removed the night time club, I had to admit that my arm is at least half again as big as when I started this little experiment just a week ago. The swelling is noticeable and pushing on it leaves rude indentations that don't go away.


So. That little experiment didn't work. It'll probably take me about a month to get the arm back to where it was a week ago, but then I'm going to try again...maybe just go sleeveless when I have something specific I want to do. Or, since it's really not the sleeve itself that is so completely offensive, but the glove, maybe I'll just try not wearing the glove. We'll see!

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