Friday, October 15, 2010

Hot Flashes

Hot Flashes and Sweating - I really suffer from these, as you may have gathered from reading my notes for the last several months (years!!)! And now that I'm on the drug Femara, it's worse, because the whole point of the drug is to reduce any possible estrogen count in my body.

Because my breast cancer is HER2+, meaning hormone estrogen receptive, the fear is that the lovely female hormone, estrogen, will promote recurrence of the cancer. And as we older broads know, for many (most??) women, no estrogen means hot flashes, among other nasty things.

Found an article on WebMD today which goes into detail, sometimes almost unintelligible detail, about hot flashes and sweating. Makes an interesting read, laborious but interesting. It's given me a couple ideas to take back to the doctors in control of my poor body!

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