Thursday, October 14, 2010

One Step

All we can do is take one step at a time - that's what 'they' say, isn't it? Well, my recent one step was a winner. My first mammogram since all this started came back CLEAN!! Yes!!!

Still have 8 (I think it's 8) more Herceptin treatments - 4 more months - but these are easy, so that's not a big deal. Four years and 10 months of the Femara pills, which so far do not seem to be serving up any bad side effects! And forever with this @#%^&* lymphedema. Oh well.

Did receive my dress up sleeve this week, from the maker Lymphedivas! Love that name - very clever marketing. Sooz had found a discounted site where I could get a break on the price, and with only one
little hiccup, here it is!

It's not as brightly colored as in the brochure, but in hindsight, that makes sense - it's stretched to its limits as I put it on over my pudgy arm. I'll remember that next time I scrape up enough pennies to buy the next one! Expensive little suckers!!

And sadly, these gaudy sleeves don't have the tensile stre
ngth of the regular sleeves, so I can't wear them all the time - only for 'special occasions' !! (And yes, I know that 'tensile strength' isn't the correct term for these sleeves, but I can't think of a smartass descriptive word for compression strength!)

Now that most of this particular trauma is behind me, I'm trying to schedule another date with a table - this time to get my right knee replaced, which was originally suggested back in November when the shit hit the fan with the cancer diagnosis. If and when that gets taken care of, then perhaps we'll find out if my insurance will spring for a new boob job! One step at a time. Right.

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