Monday, July 26, 2010


Since Monday's are usually dull and boring, and all I've done is whimper lately, I thought I'd just brighten the day a little!

Especially since I'm back to the poison palace tomorrow, hopefully for th
e last chemo. Please cross your fingers that I've been able to beat the anemia back a bit and can actually receive the last dose of poison tomorrow!

Monsoon season is southern Arizona is in full swing.

Wild storms, lightning and thunder,
huge winds,
heavy downpours leadi
ng to flooding, power outages,
an occasional rainbow.

no rain to speak of here at my little RV park though.

We have had some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets to make up for it!

'My' little
owl is growing up fast!

Actually, now that I look at
her in a better light, I'm pretty sure that's Mom that I shot this morning.

Here's one of the kid I took a few days ago.

Some flowers have survived all the 100 degree dry days, and show off thei
r colors!

And the birdies are grateful for my feeder, since all the othe
r generous RVers are smart and gone for the summer!

Suzie took the super shot of the lady Cardinal on approach to the feeder!

And then there was the cloud that was threatening things to come!

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