Tuesday, June 15, 2010

If it isn't one thing,

It's another.

Today was my fourth chemo - so far so good. Only two more to go!

My blood work came back in the gold star range again. So I asked if it was possible to lower the dosage on the Neulasta, which beats me up so badly while it builds my immune system. Unfortunately, it only comes in one strength. Apparently, others have tried cutting it back, but even when doing so, the body seems to take the same beating. So since it works as is, I guess I just have to live with it. That's OK - it only lasts for two or three days. Not bad overall!

The prosthesis consultant called today to say she's received the prescription to order my a new silicone boob, which she had measured me for when I was there to get fitted for the vile compression sleeve for my arm. It seems my insurance allows me to get two, with accompanying bras. Ugly bras, of course. But Maggie thinks we can create the little pocket thingies in my lacy, pretty bras, and found some appropriate lightweight stretchy fabric to do just that. Experimentation begins.

We stopped on the way home at Red Lobster for an early dinner - grilled skewered shrimp (20 of them!!!) covered in a crab sauce with nice big chucks of crab! Yummy!

Home to relax with a game or two of Quiddler, a really fun Scrabble type game played with cards. Tests brain power, which today was lacking for both of us! And then we both looked up from our cards at the same time, saying 'I smell something burning!' Electrical fire smell. Ah, shit!

We found the source of the nasty smell in my bedroom. Seems the air conditioner has died. Probably some burned wiring. I pulled the fuse, and it looks OK, but when I tried to plug it back in, it sparked. Not good. Wasn't until I crawled in the sack later that it occurred to me that it might have popped a circuit breaker. I'll check that tomorrow morning. But this is not the present I wished for just now. 104 tomorrow, and no a/c when I'm starting to feel the effects of the shot. Hopefully I can find the RV Doctor and get him out here early for, please please please, an easy solution. Doubtful.

So we decided to finish the night with a bowl of french vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and Godiva Chocolate Liqueur. We deserved it!

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