Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hot Water

You can tell summer has arrived in all her glory - supposed to reach somewhere between 105 and 110 today and for the next few days, at least. And at this moment, it's a whopping 8% humidity! Like they say, it's a dry heat. Ya' think??

Another way I can tell it's summer is that I don't need to turn on the hot water faucet to wash dishes or shower. The water coming out of the cold water faucet is plenty hot for both those chores. In fact it's hot enough to dissolve the sugar to make hummingbird food! I'm going thru a LOT of ice!!

Early this morning, I headed over to Lowe's to buy a portable air conditioner to supplement those in my coach. This nice little box I call home is really wonderful, but it is not insulated. When it's hot outside, it's hot inside, and the a/c doesn't do much to help. The bedroom is OK - it's small. But the same size a/c is supposed to take care of the living room/kitchen area, which is almost three times the size of the bedroom Just isn't adequate when it's over 100 degrees. It topped out at 94 yesterday. In the coach. That's too warm!!! At least for Misha! (and me, too!!)

Meanwhile, I did stick to my guns on Thursday. I told the therapist, after getting my MLD (manual lymph drainage), some exercises and more instruction in self massage, that I didn't want the compression bandage again. At least not now - I simply need two functioning arms to maintain and live in my RV by myself. Told her I'd call when my next visiting caregiver arrives later this week. Maybe. 'Maybe' being the operative word. Turns out the instructions she gave me several days ago were backwards from what I should be doing - meaning not helping!!!!

I've been looking into alternatives here in town, but there doesn't seem to be much available at this time. The gal Lynn Gardner recommended has retired and is currently in Germany. She dropped me a very nice note with a number to call - international - for conversation and advice. I've also learned of a pneumatic compression sleeve, but have no idea if it is available in the area. Must look into that one!

Now I must go stretch out under the a/c - the computer is putting out too much heat! :o)

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