Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Moonlight Feels Right"

Newsy stuff today, because last weekend was a fun one for me, and I've chosen not to think much about 'things' this week.

After all the fun and grins and giggles over the wig fashion show, my spirits were lifted (although the anger and frustration does remain over the lymphedema BS).

I wrote, back in January, about a visit with a local world renowned psychic, intuitive counselor, Lynn Gardner, and her lovely camel-lot. Suzie and I were talking about her, after receiving a mailing regarding her latest sessions available, and decided we should both visit her for a reading before Sooz must head back to Honolulu.

When I called to set up an appointment, Lynn told us about an event taking place that Saturday evening which she insisted we simply must attend. It was right out close to my RV park, sounded intriguing, so we said we’d go. Something about concentrated moonlight having healing properties – and we all know that I can use some ‘healing properties’ – and even though it sounds a little far out, even for someone like me who does believe in alternative medicine, I figured it couldn’t hurt to at least learn about it.

A delightful gal, Monica Chapin, and her inventor husband Richard, have created the only moonbeam collector in the world, a 30-ton apparatus of mirrors that concentrates moonlight by 300 times, and infuses it into crystals and our bodies for a number of health benefits. It’s believed that the array of colors of the moon’s light spectrum are as beneficial as those from the sun, without the damaging effects.

It’s known that light does provide many healing effects – lasers are concentrated light and used widely in our accepted medical practices; a particular array of light is used to therapeutically treat SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) for those folks who choose to live in dark, overcast areas. So it follows that perhaps the collected moonbeams would provide positive effects too! And apparently many scientists agree – the Chapins had help from scientists and doctors from around the world in creating the collector.

As their website says, the collector’s parabolic, non-imaging, optical collector, with 84 mirrors, moves as a single unit that can rotate 360 degrees. By adjusting each mirror individually, the reflected moonbeams can be focused onto an area as big as a pickup truck or as small as 1mm.

A number of scientific tests have proven that crystals, once infused with the concentrated moonbeams, are changed – their structure, their ‘frequency’, is altered, better aligned, and becomes more powerful. These crystals, once infused, are of course offered for sale so the benefits of the moon treatment may be continued at home. As hinky as that may sound, and of course they need to make some money from their work, the bloody things do seem to have some ‘power’. (More on this later…)

We were told that everyone reacts differently to the moonbeam therapy, which makes sense since we are all different sizes and shapes and have different sets of problems.

After our 7 minutes in the concentrated eye of the moonlight, I came away feeling curious, most of all, and full of static electricity. Sooz felt a bit light-headed (what else is new?). That was it. But when we returned to the meeting area, we both noticed some changes.

Sooz was a little chilly, so in an attempt to get warm, she crossed her arms and held her elbows and noticed the skin on her left arm was very soft. A closer look showed all those crummy freckles (aka age spots) were gone in about a 4” area right at the crook of her arm. Along with the spots, there was no peach fuzz, and the skin was really soft! Yikes…. If we could only get that to happen on the whole body we’d make a bloody fortune. Well, not us of course, but the Chapins certainly would!

At that point, we decided to invest in some crystals! Suzie found a gorgeous necklace, and I picked out a pair of earrings. Plus I latched onto a big crystal that called my name. While we settled back to hear more about the collector and it’s believers, I held my new crystal in the palms of my hands – for about 15 minutes. When I released it, the swelling in my hand was visibly reduced! No kidding! And the crystal was warm to my touch, but cold to Suzie’s. It had chosen to work to my benefit!

Now I have to admit, we both walked out of there shaking our heads. It still seemed a little far fetched. But as all the cop shows on TV say, “I don’t believe in coincidences!”

As the days have passed by, the soft baby skin area on Suzie’s arm has expanded, and is now appearing on the right side as well! It is absolutely incredible to see. I’ve taken to sleeping with my crystal in my hand, and the difference is so dramatic that we simply have to become believers!

One piece of literature that we picked up that evening tells how, at the start of a crystal healing, one can use a crystal to indicate where an area of the body is ‘blocked or sick’… out of alignment. Some say the crystals can thus be trained to detect sickness, and detect the chakras (one of the seven centers of spiritual energy in the human body according to yoga philosophy), and then concentrate on those areas for the most profound healing.

I’ve signed up for another session next month, when there is a full moon – and I’ll be taking my crystal with me to make sure it gets a fresh infusion!! I’m sure some might think the chemo has gone to my brain, but I think that if it isn’t gonna hurt me, just maybe it will actually help! Worth a try!!!

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