Saturday, April 17, 2010

First Chemo - Day Five

Well, it appears I'm going to survive this first onslaught. The headache is under control, back to it's norm. My shoulders and neck still feel like they're in a vice - had a lovely massage last night that helped for a short while, but the pain is back with a vengeance. Otherwise, I'm feel pretty decent. Tired, but OK!

And I actually tasted something today - made myself a bacon/egg/lettuce/tomato sandwich, and I almost swooned with the taste of the bacon! Yummy!

Off to the pharmacy to get my 'miracle mouthwash' - can't wait to try that out, and am hoping for the best!

While driving to the drug store, it dawned on me that some might find it odd that I'm so excited to find something that tastes good after just a few days. I'm one of those creatures that lives to eat, as opposed to many I know who eat to live. Grocery shopping, cooking, creating flavors, and most of all, eating, and eating some more, are some of my favorite things to do! The thought of going five months without anything tasting good was severe punishment! So to find at least one thing that I love that I can still taste? Fabulous!

And now I know why they call it 'miracle (or magic!) mouthwash' for the mouth sores caused by the chemo - it's real name is Dexametha/nystatin/diphenhis. Hello? Found a couple links, and one is kind of fun versus being strictly medical. It appears that the Dexametha is short for the dexamethsone that I take before chemo as an anti-inflammatory. The nystatin is an anti-fungal, and the diphenhis is diphenhydramine, maybe, which is Benadryl. Whatever, I just 'swished and spit' as directed. Can't put my finger on what to call the taste - definitely not bacon - but not unpleasant. Now, let's just hope it clears up my poor tongue issues!

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