Thursday, April 8, 2010

The date is set

Finally - my start date is scheduled. I begin chemotherapy on Tuesday. Four hours of 'healing joy juice' pumped into my veins to chase down the bad guys.

A dear
friend dropped me a note today saying -
"I'm thinking of the chemo as a gang of Superheroes on their way into the magic kingdom of Gayle. They are on a quest to slay the cancerdragonish.

There is D'Artanyon,

the strong and dark haired one, Master of the chemo fire-gun;

, the bald one and crafty demolition ma

, the
tall amazon-type woman who slays with magic (SHE, of course, is the leader of the band of heros);

Kitchyzowan, the silent but deadly master of all martial arts;

and last but not least is
Blackamon, the awesome shedog, half panther, half black wolf, who can run like the wind and rip out the cancerdrangonishes throats at a single bite of her powerful jaws!"
That's a vision I can work with!

My sweet Silver Fox will be with me for both of the upcoming procedures, the insertion of the vein and hand saving port on Monday, and the four hours of drip-drip-drip on Tuesday, so it won't be ALL bad! But I have to admit, I'm thinking of running away from home. Even with all my post-it notes and dragonish slayers and microscopic snipers arming up for battle, this is not my idea of a fun time!

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