Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cleared for poison!

I suppose that's a poor choice of title for today, but since I still abhor the thought of chemo, it's how I feel! Saw my sweet surgeon, Dr K, on Thursday and she cleared me to begin my chemo treatments. Oh goody.

She also siphoned off some more 'broth' from my chest - about four and a half ccs this time. I'd been doing really well in that regard for quite a while, but I'm beginning to think this area of trauma will react to the weather like my damaged knees and ankle do - they swell. And mid-week we had a pretty abrupt change from nice Spring days to cold and windy and rainy. My legs were killing me. Today, with the weather back in its proper Spring mode, no swelling.

There is some concern though about the amount of continuing swelling in my upper arm and armpit area. I don't see Dr K again for two months, but if the area isn't functioning better by then, she will recommend one of those nasty pressure stockings for the arm and some physical therapy. Does it never end?

I don't have a schedule set up yet for the chemo - the chemo office was minimally staffed yesterday, so I wasn't able to make any plans. They wouldn't even take a message, for gawd sake. Call back Monday, and have a nice weekend. Thank you very much. I do have an appointment to get the port surgically implanted on the 12th, so it won't be until after that anyway. At least I have several lovely days ahead, unencumbered by medical paraphernalia - that's a treat!

It's supposed to get up to 82 here today, so I'm going out to enjoy it while I can!
Have a great weekend!

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