Thursday, March 25, 2010

misinformation - grumble

I'm going to strangle my well-meaning good friend, and slap myself upside my head too. With a special thanks to my alert reader, all that very real sounding information purportedly from Johns Hopkins - is not from Johns Hopkins. They've put out a disclaimer against both 'updated cancer reports' saying they didn't issue the reports, they don't agree with the information, and ..... yada yada yada.

And me? I'm the one who has always driven my friends crazy by researching every interesting sounding email, just to make sure it's factual. And I didn't do that this time! Shame on me!! I guess I've let all this over-whelming information highway get to me. I've forgotten to be the skeptic, the investigator. I'll stick to researching the facts presented to me on paper, trying to put them into English, and will remember to check out everything else before presenting it in my little blog as fact.

The good news is that I can still eat my rare steak and my chocolate - but perhaps moderation is, as always, the best course!

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