Friday, March 19, 2010

Bug in the broth

Saw my sweet surgeon yesterday - a celebration almost since I had made it an entire week without needing an "I need to see you today" visit!!

The bad news is that my wound is still not healing as quickly or as well as we'd like. The good news is that it means I can delay getting the 'port' installed!! I won't be seeing Dr K again for two weeks, at which point, she'll probably be able to give me some sort of date as to when I can start the chemo that I'm so looking forward to!

In the meantime, the final lab report came in on what the critters were that were swimming around in my BROTH! As you might guess, I'm going to choose to forget a whole lot about this cancer adventure, but I guarantee I'll never forget BROTH!!

Proteus definition says it's a part of the normal flora of the human gastrointestinal tract...another says it's a species of anaerobic, motile, rod-shaped bacteria found in putrid meat, abscesses, and fecal material. How very nice - what the hell is it doing floating around in my chest cavity? in my broth? Oh well, at least it is 'susceptible' to the antibiotic the boy doctor prescribed, so we hope it is now gone!

The rest of the news is that my arm is not progressing as well as Dr K would hope. She threatened physical therapy or even an arm stocking - which means I have to up the level of my exercises!! It seemed to me it was making good progress, so I wasn't pushing it, but now I will. Not a problem.

Long month, with more to come, but again I'm receiving the most wonderful positive feedback on this silly blog, this sounding board I created for myself. Another friend wrote:

About your blog being well-read and warmly received: breast cancer is every woman's nightmare. I tried to express my wonderment and admiration for those photos you posted of the wound, etc.

You have taken the most hideous nightmare, a thing magnified in the dark corners of the imagination when facing the unknown, and showed it in the light of day.

It is no less horrible, no less frightening perhaps, but this one woman (YOU) has put it on the web and allowed others to know better what they might face, and in doing so, made others realize they can face it as well.

That was a heroic act, Gayle. You have made overcoming this cancer possible for others.

Hopefully others will tell you how great a warrior you are and that you have inspired them as well. . . .

and hopefully this extended pile of words will actually help and inspire others in this battle. I continue to be touched by the kindness and support I'm receiving!

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