Wednesday, February 24, 2010

weather delay - sorry

Sorry for the delay in updating my progress... the weather here has been less than desired Tucson winter - rainy, windy, cold, more rain. And my wi-fi is like a cat in puddles - not happy. As in NO internet connection when it gets its little receptors wet or frosty. Grumble.

As for me? I'm doing amazingly well. Don't know if it's the Jack Daniels or my good health (relatively speaking) or that I'm still in tolerable condition considering all my other bodily traumas. Or maybe it's just that I had a great surgeon!

I'm still bruised, although all the numb areas are starting to wake up, feeling like someone is lighting sparklers and fire crackers in my arm pit area! The drains are still in, but the drainage is diminishing.

I have at least 2/3 use of my arm, which is phenomenal, per all the horror stories I was given. And of course I over-do it on a regular basis, so I'm pushing it to the max all the time - maybe a good thing, maybe not, but at least I can do all the girlie things like washing, brushing and drying my hair!! I'm absolutely delighted!

Saw Dr. K on Monday - she was quite impressed with my attitude, the range of motion I have, and my overall progress. I see her again on Tuesday, at which point she will 'probably' pull out one of the drains - the chest drain. Says the drain in the arm pit area should stay for close to three weeks.

I had resigned myself to carrying the bloody drain bulbs (literally) around for an extended period, figuring if they are still drawing out the quantity of fluids that they are, I'd just as soon have them do that job than have my abused body have to find a way to get rid of them by itself. She said that the body will handle excess build up of fluids without a problem, but ..... why make it work?
Gotta tell you though - I'm not especially looking forward to having the 15-18 inches of drain line pulled out of my chest next week. Somehow that doesn't sound like it'll feel all that peachy!

Dr. K is so sweet - very professional but so sweet - she apologized for the amount of bruising, but said it's because of the blood thinner she gave me prior to the surgery, to guard against potential clots. Not a problem - better a bruise than a clot or two floating around looking for a place to cause big trouble!

No pathology report yet. Dr. K said she'd call when she gets it. The report will be an indicator of what the doctors will suggest for future treatments.

My friends - my support team!! - have rallied around. I've had too many phone calls to count, a continuing visit from a dear girlfriend, candy (gotta put that six or so pounds that was lopped off back on!!), flowers, cards. I suspect the love and support does as much for my well-being as anything else! An amazing reminder that 'being' a good friend pays back in unexpected and wonderful ways! I wouldn't be doing as well as I am without them!!!!!

Now, the sun's out today, so it's about time to take Misha for a walk. She tolerates Lizzie's walks with her, but definitely is happier when mommy goes with her. I've been out with her at least once a day, and twice yesterday, and she is healing too. She's not been a happy camper, knowing something is wrong with her mom, and not being able to help.

That's the hardest part of this ordeal - knowing there is something nasty in there, trying to destroy me, and being basically helpless against it, having to trust to someone else to try to remedy the situation. I've always said it's the 'not knowing' that is the hardest part - that when I know 'what's' wrong, I can deal with it...find a solution...fix it myself. The frustration of not being able to fix it myself was very wearing. And my sweet Silver Fox - a solution kind of guy - has suffered from not being able to fix it too. Having to rely on someone else for help is not something I've tolerated well my entire life. When it's something this dramatic, it's that much harder. But I was lucky - I'm in love, I have an incredible circle of friends, and I just happened to be assigned to a great surgeon - what more could I ask for?

more later...

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