Friday, January 15, 2010

Always the waiting game!

Another interesting week in the cancer venue.

Last week, amidst all the other doctor visits, I had a little fatty cyst cut out of my arm. Turned out to be a squamous cell cancer and the lab report showed that my doc didn't get it all - so I need to go to a surgeon to get that removed. That'll mean another scar - oh, woe is me, that will up my total to about 45, what will I do? No big deal - I'll take care of it.

Yesterday, I visited with my cancer surgeon again. She is a terrific gal - very bright, straight forward, puts everything out there in concise terms (not doctorese, so it's understandable, even to a blonde!! :o) And she's pretty. I originally thought she was just a puppy, but yesterday I noticed a couple gray hairs, so what do I know.

I took along my delicious silver fox, to be sure that I remembered everything she might have to tell me, and he was very impressed with her too!

The MRI report was less than positive. It confirmed all the previously noted bad guys, and added another to the mix. I have another suspicious lump, deep in my left breast, which will require another biopsy. But... Dr. Kommareddi suggests that we wait until I have the PETscan (as yet unscheduled) to see what it says. If the PETscan shows positive on that area, then she'll want to do the biopsy, but if it's negative, she won't necessarily want one.

So again, it's a wait and see - now I'm waiting for another test. But I do go along with her reasoning - better to see everything that's in there before the decision to go under the knife, than to rush in and do the slice and dice, and then discover that we have to go back in for something else. Gee, this is fun.

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