Monday, January 4, 2010

a WOW Pow-Wow

A New Year's Competition Pow-Wow celebrating Native American dance and arts & crafts was held this weekend here in Tucson, and my title says it all -

a WOW Pow-Wow!

A truly exciting and wonderful event, offering full sensory overload from the incredibly detailed ceremonial robes,

and often soft and often wild drum beats and dance!

Men, women and children all danced their stories!

Complete with a
tee-pee village!

More than 50 tribes were represented, a wide nation of families sharing their dance and art,

and I'm so very glad my resident laugh-a-day comedian slash combat and professional photographer invited me to share the day with him!

What an adventure - people watching at its best, with yummy fry bread (so much for any New Year's resolution about diet!!) and fresh hand-made-while-you-wait lemonade that was the best I've had!!

The robes captivated me and my camera.

And I learned way
more than I expected!

There is a unique and very strong bond between these Native warriors and our Nation in her battles - these Warriors, who dance in feathers and bangles, and create exquisite works of art, fight with the tough guys - the Marines, gunship pilots, the Special Forces, the Navy Seals! And are proud of it!

I spotted insignia woven in finite detail into their robes, and then heard stories of their prowess!

I was proud to stand among them and honor them!

great day in the Tucson sunshine!

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