Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm back

OK, I know I’ve been gone a long time again – my apologies! It’s been a pretty ‘soap opera’ kind of fall season!

After it started so very well with my wonderful visit to Maui, everything seemed to go to hell. I lost my best buddy, then I had an unexplained fire in my kitchen. Then my wi-fi went tits up, followed closely by my computer.

Picked up a new Dell at Best Buy – and so far I really like it, although going from XP to Windows 7 is a pretty big learning curve.

About that time, I received word that I could finally get the repairs to the RV – which meant spending my nights locked up tight in the RV repair shop parking lot, all by my lonesome (not true – Misha was there to keep me company). But other than a humungous wild wind storm that blew thru town, and the normal little catastrophes that accompany any RV repair, that was no big deal.

I was at Family Auto Body (and obviously they do RVs too) and was VERY impressed with the guys and their workmanship and their perfectionist attitude. Nice folks who did a great job for me. I have a new floor, and best of all, we replaced my fried stove top with a stove top/oven combination! I never could make friends with the convection oven that came with the coach, so I’m really delighted to have an oven, where I might actually be able to make cookies that resemble cookies, or even roast a birdie or a hunk of beef! Looks good, doesn't it!!

I was there almost two weeks, with no internet connection, so I tried and succeeded in getting my own wi-fi working (it was my old computer that was making life miserable, not the wi-fi – good news!!). Then it was a matter of restoring all my stuff from my online backup site – – there were a couple challenges because of the XP to Windows 7 thing, and it takes days to restore because I have thousands of pictures and all my Hawaiian music. But I am now back up and running! Yeah!!

In the midst of all that, my ‘good’ knee started giving me fits, so I went to an orthopod, who took one look at my x-rays and said I need two new knees, immediately. That ain’t gonna happen, so I accepted a cortisone shot and gimped out of the place. Thankfully, the shot worked wonders, so I’m now back to my usual state of hobbling!

I’ve met a sweet-talking guy here at the park who has promised to make me laugh every day to help me thru my trials and tribulations, and so far he’s delivered quite nicely!! So things are looking up!

And now I have to get outside and set up Christmas! How did it get to be that time of year so quickly?? At least our weather here is waaaaaaay better than most places around the country!

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