Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What a treat!

I received a phone call late yesterday from one of my best pals from Green Valley - Roger asked where I was - Show Low! "Where do you eat?" "You're here???" What a treat! Four of my pals drove up to get out of the heat for a couple days - wondered what places were good and would I like to join them for dinner!!

I haven't been out at all since I arrived up here, 'cause I've just been trying to get well. So, YES, I'd be delighted to join them for dinner! Where? Who knows! We played in the phone book and decided to take a gamble on a Thai restaurant. Mountain Thai was wonderful! The most fun I've had in a couple months! I'm alive again! And it was so neat to see friends after the last abominable several weeks!

It, of course, was the warmest day since I've been here, and they had a long, rough, detouring, road construction drive up, but by the time we were done with din-din, it was glorious out - stars, cool breezes, a terrific evening!
And now that I'm feeling better, I realize I'm overdue including some pictures in my little reports! So, the following is a brief picture-log of my trip up here, starting with my return from Rio Rico, where I stayed when I went to my doc in Tucson, thru the Salt River Canyon into Show Low.

One of the things I loved about Santa Cruz County when I lived there was the lovely pastoral scenes, grazing cattle with all their babies, and the gorgeous fields of cow ponies!

This place was closed up, but is another sign of the country that I enjoy traveling so much!

And the countryside on the drive up from Globe is just gorgeous - rock formations, scenic winding roads, and the sudden cool breezes and sweet smelling pines!

and glorious cloud formations, promising coming rains and light shows!

and this colorful little house, now an office, is the welcome into town. I'm sure there's a history to the building, but I haven't learned what it is yet!

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