Monday, July 27, 2009

Alive and Well! Finally!

Just checking in to report that I believe I'm finally fully recovered from the rotten bout of ecoli that I suffered. It has been a LONG six weeks!
I've even started cleaning my little 'house'!! Long overdue - have to get rid of all the dust I accumulated in Apache Junction, so maybe I can stop sneezing everytime the fan circulates the air!
Moving up to cool breezy Show Low was the best thing I could have done I think. Misha and I are taking four good walks each day, which she eagerly looks forward to! The clouds come in almost every afternoon, and about fifty percent of the time dump a cooling rain on the town, with a few flashes of lightning and loud cracks of thunder. It's not the monsoons that I love so much, but it's cooling and refreshing and except that the thunder scares little Misha, absolutely delightful!!

I think I'm going to have to brave the heat soon though - I really miss my BBQ! I've thought of just buying a new one, but that's silly. I may take a peek at Wal-Mart though to see if they have a cheapy that I could use for a while! And I'd love to get my fences set up again, so little Misha could sit outside, as she loves to do. She just curls up in a chair and watches the world go by. Never says a word, just watches.
Whatever, we're doing better - so much so that chocolate has returned to my diet!

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